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John SuhrJohn Suhr here, founder of Associates of Wealth and Internet Marketing GNLD Int. Team Trainer.

I'm sure you found your way here because you've already joined GNLD Int. or your thinking about joining and your wondering how you're going to build your GNLD Int. MLM Home Business. The biggest challenge you will face will be finding good quality prospects.

I'm talking about real quality GNLD Int. Prospects! Not your friends, not your family members and definitely not strangers that you're told to accost at the Walmart about your GNLD Int. business opportunity.

GNLD Int. Top Money Earner Heavy HitterI'm about to teach you something that the other GNLD Int. "Heavy Hitters" don't want you to know. You will learn their secret scheme of building their team by targeting other GNLD Int. members and other MLM members warm prospects. After I'm done teaching you, you will be more aware of the game that is being played out over and over and you will be able to turn their scam back on them and go after their prospects using some of the same techniques and systems they are using.

The first thing that you need to understand is The Top GNLD Int. Money Earners are not building their business the same way they are going to tell you....
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Survival Food MLM
"Anyone gets within 3 foot of you tell them about your GNLD Int. opportunity"
"Make a lead list of 100 prospects that you know"
"Purchase and hand out GNLD Int. Business Cards, Post Cards and Flyers"
"Bring people to GNLD Int. Local Hotel and Motel Meetings"
"Purchase and Call MLM Lead Lists"
"Send people to your GNLD Int. Company Replicated Website"
"Make GNLD Int. Flyers and post them around town"
Most people think that the binary uni-level fast and quick start bonus compensation plan is great. So don't think this is a pyramid scheme, a bad fraud or a fake scam.
Now there is nothing wrong with the "old school" style recruiting if you're only recruiting folks that you know that are loyal to you.
Look for the coupon promo code to order at retail or wholesale.
The problem is now, because of the Internet, if you decide to venture outside of your warm market, you will start running into some scenarios like these....

Let's say you meet a guy at the grocery store using the "three foot rule"; you tell him about your GNLD Int. MLM Home Business Opportunity and he tells you that he will go home and check out your website. You follow up with him a week later and he tells you that he decided not to join GNLD Int. but found XYZ MLM and joined it instead. WOW!

Now lets say you meet a woman while waiting for your car to get washed and she tells you that she is looking for a home business exactly like your GNLD Int. MLM Opportunity, so you give her your GNLD Int. business card. You then run into her a week later at the same car wash and she tells you that she signed up. You go home and check your GNLD Int. back office and she is no where to be found. HMMM!

You spend hundreds of dollars on GNLD Int. home business flyers that you posted all around town and you never get a call?

Do you think that maybe while you and others are working hard priming the pump by exposing thousands of people to the GNLD Int. Home Business opportunity the Top GNLD Int. Money Earners and other MLM Competitors are filling their buckets with some of your newly exposed, now "warm" prospects?

You better believe they are!

They're just glad you don't know their dirty little secrets.
Ways to get paid and make quick fast money income online in your MLM…
An GNLD Int. Top Money Earner

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